Direct transit from airport to local destination

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Three advantages of Airport Direct if you’re coming to Japan
Chuo Taxi Company’s Airport Direct shuttle taxi service is recommended for visitors from overseas.
Direct transit from airport to local destination
With Airport Direct, you get straight to where you want to go immediately upon entry to Japan. Head to your hotel to rest after a long flight. Or start your sightseeing or other activities without delay. Arrive, and do what you came to do without any further hassle.
Easier getting around than by other means
Trains can be a challenge: buying tickets, filling out reservation forms, changing from the bullet train to local lines, etc. With Airport Direct, after the airplane, just board a jumbo taxi, and get to where you need to be before you know it.
Lots of baggage? No problem.
Airport Direct’s jumbo taxis take jumbo amounts of baggage. Ski gear? Piles of souvenirs? Numerous bags? Relax. (Please note, however, that an extra charge may be levied for extra-large baggage. Please inquire for details.Currently, flights to and from the airport between 00:00 and 05:00 are suspended.)
What is Airport Direct?
Uses jumbo taxis
Comfortable, jumbo taxis shared with other passengers, and with plenty of room to move.*Q&A
Always runs-even just a single passenger.
If going to the airport, you will be notified of your pick-up time 3 days in advance.
24-hour operation
Airport Direct runs in coordination with flight schedules, so accepts passengers even for the first flight of the day, whether or not they are staying in accommodation.
Detailed leaflet
Returning Home to Japan
If you live in Japan, get home from the airport with Airport Direct.
1. Telephone Chuo Taxi
Once you have picked up your baggage, call the number below. You will be told where you can meet your driver.
 026-282-0232  +81-26-282-0232
2. Directions to pick-up point
Please make your way to the pick-up point. If coming on an international flight, you can be met as you exit by someone bearing a placard with your name. Just ask for a placard when arranging your ride.
If you have the logo of "CHUO TAXI" at the meeting place, it would be easy for the driver to find you.
*available handwriting
logo download 
3. Once all passengers have
Passengers meet the driver, and once all have assembled, the shuttle departs.
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